La Baraque



Bruno is a product of nowadays digital consumption. He is more than a video maker, he thinks and acts as if life was a big social network account. For him, everything must be about the moment, in constant change and instantly appealing. In a world with less and less patience to even watch 3 seconds of a video, he is able to catch the audience’s attention with a dynamic, ironic, edgy and sometimes kitsch style.

He mixes different techniques in his videos, but above all he is the master of Chroma Key that allows him to produce content that can be surreal, poetic or simply very fun to watch.

Bruno studied Cinema, Communication & Media and got a specialization in video Color Grading and Color Correction. However, the majority of his production is built on years researching techniques and making experiments with technology. He is a true self-taught professional on everything related to audio-visual, talented to create catchy content for the disturbed times we are living on.