La Baraque



Put together 3 talented young guys from Brazil’s northeast and you get Clube Lambada! Matheus Sandes, Herbert Loureiro and Pedro Nekoi form an art & design creative studio named after this internationally popular rhythm from the 80’s.

More than music and dance, Clube Lambada is known to be extremely fun, sensual, versatile and unpretentious, just like the work of these 3 creatives. They each have different skills and similar aesthetics, which allows for a very complete, consistent and multidisciplinary outcome for their work.

Clube Lambada works for different clients in special projects bringing a fresh look to creative direction. The collective has a very disruptive approach expressed through several means of communication. Matheus is a photographer and enjoys working with embroidery, Herbert is an illustrator and graphic designer and Pedro, on top of graphic design, makes digital collages. Together they lead the creative and art direction of projects that are always breaking paradigms.