La Baraque

La Baraque is a curator for creative solutions.

It is the intersection of an artist’s agent and a creative studio.

We join talented minds with multidisciplinary approach to develop 360° projects. The model is flexible and collaborative. It allows us to work as an agent curating talents for specific projects or working in projects from A to Z. From initial concept to design, art direction,
campaigns and brand content, including or not
production, all depending on the client needs.

La Baraque is a collective that brings together contributors
with real know how and original content. More originality
and less bullshit. 

Traditional structures depend on the same talents
to solve all types of problems. Working with a flexible
creative structure expands the possibilities and helps to
connect the right people to the right projects. 
The objective is to build a more solid and better
structured bridge between the new creative actors and
the corporate world. 

The coordination of creative actors is key to the process,
always ruled and guided by the brand’s strategy. 
In addition to the creative collaborators, the team
is strong in brand management. 

Fernando Ambrosio, the team’s director, has about 20 years’ experience on the client side. His generalist vision was built while leading 360° projects as global marketing director for Prada Parfums. Also, based in Paris, he has lead teams at YSL international marketing and previously at Motorola in South America.

La Baraque’s structure’s greatest asset is the independency of its talents which allows for a fresh look at the new marketing problems.  We are a group made of views, hands, brains, ideas, passions, talents, opinions, styles, desires. The team is divided between Paris and São Paulo in order to serve global clients. The flexibility of our model and the diversity of our creatives had allowed us to work with clients from different categories such as YSL, D&G, Natura, Granado, Nina Ricci, Tod’s, Nike, Arezzo, Netflix, Apple, Airbnb,
among others.

CONTENT_e CO N TE N T CRE A TION Answers m a y be the most v aried possible: image, video, s t ories, ev ents. This is the st r ength of the network, for each p r oject the most app r opriate c r eati v e answe r . Content c r eation for b r ands that seek a b r eath of f r esh ai r . As r espostas podem ser as mais v ariadas: imagem, vídeo, his t orias, ev en t os. Essa é a riqueza da r ede, em função do p r oje t o t r a z er a r esposta criati v a mais adequada. Ge r ação de conteúdo pa r a ma r cas que buscam um ar f r esco.
INNOVATION_f INN O V A TION CONSU L T ANCY C r eate new ideas for the d ev elopment of p r oducts, se r vices, and communication. Use the networks’ c r eati v e power t o think of new w a ys of consuming and conceiving a p r oduct. Ge r ar n ov as ideias pa r a a criação de p r odu t os, se r viços e manei r as de comunica r . Usar a potencia criati v a da r ede La Ba r aque pa r a pensar em n ov as formas de consumir e conceber um p r odu t o.
DESIGN_e DESIGN STUDIO La Ba r aqu e s multidisciplina r y st r ength. P ackaging, E dition, Scenog r aph y , Illust r ation, A r t di r ection. A fo r ça criati v a multidisciplinar da La Ba r aque. P ackaging, E dição, Cenog r afia, Ilust r ação, Di r eção de a r te.