La Baraque

Aline Bispo is an Illustrator and Visual Artist. Her first works began in 2008 with graffiti on the streets of Sao Paulo and since 2012 she has been producing paintings and illustrations.

During her artistic development, she always moved through the diversity of the megalopolis, between the center and the outskirts, fine-tuning her creative talent and the aesthetics of her work.

With Aline’s interdisciplinarity she develops works using illustrations, paintings, prints and more recently, photography and performance. Being part of the team of artists with works exhibited at IMS (Instituto Moreira Salles) and also at Adelina – Cultural Institute in Sao Paulo.

Aline is also the creator of the Museu nas Férias project and is part of the consulting team for illustrators in the program for racial equity at the Ibirapitanga Institute.