La Baraque


Hanna is an artist, surface designer, and researcher in Artificial Intelligence.


The sensitive and profoundly beautiful images she creates using AI are the beginning of the process. This blank canvas serves as a mood board and the first step in developing concepts that can unfold into other pieces, images, and mediums. In her creations, we see scenarios, models, clothing, patterns, blending the real with the surreal.


Hanna moves through different styles and techniques; this savoir-faire has given her not only versatility but also a unique vision of the possibilities of new technologies. The emotional connection she has with embroidery inspires the references she seeks in artisanal works, and the digital aspect helps bring to life what was once only in the imagination.


Every prompt or stroke drawn on the computer carries her entire journey as a designer, fashion creator, embroiderer, or researcher exploring the possibilities brought by AI, allowing Hanna to develop her unique language.