La Baraque



Kleber uses several different platforms to develop art. He mixes styles, technics and patterns in works developed with a unique artistic vision for image creation, illustration, product design and scenography. He brings a fresh vision of the classic movements from the 60’s and 70’s.

His artistic work seeks the clash of the organic with the geometric; the detailed technical know-how collides with pure abstraction. The works transcend the space giving different meanings to what we see. His pieces have been exposed in several French art spaces such as FRAC Marseille, Theatre Anthea in Antibes, Agnes b Gallery, Bertrand Baradou Galley, Galerie du jour or Espace le coeur in Paris. Also, other Brazilian exhibitions have featured him, such as Polinesia Gallery, Galeria Nacional and Sao Paulo Biennal, on top of the Deitch Gallery in New York.

His artwork has led Kleber to astonishing scenography works for different projects such as Brèsil Rive Gauche for le Bon Marché in Paris, for Melissa, the Google offices in Sao Paulo, Suzuki booth and the Centre Comercial in Paris, among much others.

He has been working in the art direction for different fashion and jewellery campaigns.. His strong eye for editorials allowed him to create the bespoke Fort magazine, contribute to AÏE, Vogue Brasil and to gather the best of the new Brazilian aesthetics in the underground 2 Fanzine magazine.

Kleber is able to gather a contemporary vision of Brazilian aesthetic in the new globalized world through a very modern vision and multicultural references.