La Baraque



Paulo was born in Bahia, lived in Sao Paulo and is currently a Parisian. Text and image have always been very relevant in his professional life. In the 90’s he wrote story boards for short movies. After that he started illustrating for editorials and advertising, having worked for brands like Plaza Athénée, Honda, Le Jardin d’Acclimatation as well as important publications such as Vogue Japan, Vogue Portugal, Ideat, Air France Madame and Elle France. At the same time, while already living in France, he became a correspondent for Vogue Brasil as a journalist and was also a correspondent for Globo TV channel.

In his more artistic endeavours, Paulo likes to portray places with which he has built an emotional relationship, reconstructing scenes from delicate details. In his drawing, the tiniest details are observed and transformed into unassuming records in a very elegant, pure and delicate trace. In his more recognizable pieces, he uses a blue ballpoint pen over canson paper, reminiscent of the tiles that used to colour the colonial facades in Brazilian cities.

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