La Baraque



Samuel was born in Recife, a beach town in the northeast of Brazil, and the Internet was his first international expedition. It was through the digital scene that he was able to nourish his artistic soul, create his own language and develop his ideas and network without any boundaries.  He has become an important reference for youth culture, especially in Brazil, thanks to his influence as a visual and multimedia artist.

Spirituality and social engagement are strong elements of his artworks that are constantly disrupting stereotypes. He is an enthusiast of what he calls “Afro-Presentism”, a reflection on the urgency for black people to live, create and thrive in the present and not only to hope for the best in the future. His art goes beyond aesthetics and is full of messages that are enhanced by the legitimacy of a very young black artist that comes from a peripheral area of a country full of inequalities.

Samuel can’t be encapsulated only as a visual artist, his work has many different expressions as poetry, music, acting, performance, video, fashion design and illustration. He has studied Graphic Design and Architecture & Urbanism, worked with fashion brands in different collaborations and exhibited in important Latin America art fairs on top of exhibitions in USA and France.