La Baraque


key words: creative development – art direction – experiences development –
technical project – set design – project coordination

creative: Guto Requena

The project was developed with our creative @gutorequena. More than just the ambiance of the spaces, we created artistic-sensorial experiences. Guto’s work is based on reflections on the alliance between art, technology and emotions and the relationship between memory and digital culture. The Synesthetic Bar exemplifies this approach: embracing a table with organic design and the audience, 3 big LED panels positioned on the perimeter of the space create a digital box. Visitors’ emotions are mapped through gadgets and translated in real time into colors and images projected on the walls while they are tasting the wines. Technological creation, yes, but also ecological — the material used in all the experiments was designed in a sustainable way, giving preference, for example, to reforestation wood and natural fabrics.

Other important experience in the house was the Terroir, an immersive audiovisual experience that, through multi-screen projection, immerses the audience in the production of sparkling wines from Chandon, at its winery in the Rio Grande do Sul mountains, through a three-act narrative.


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