La Baraque


key words:

concept development – strategic planning – 360 deployment – art Direction – artistic curatorship – POS design – campaign production

creative: Naíma Almeida – Iracema Trevisan – Kleber Matheus

The Macallan gifting campaign concept creation, strategic planning, 360 ideas deployment, art direction, artistic curatorship & coordination, copy and all the campaign production. 

The main theme of this campaign is the preciousness of time and connection with nature. In a concept inspired by the  Cabinets of Curiosities aesthetics.

On top of creating digital artworks, the Cabinets were physically built with hundreds of hand-painted wooden pieces representing nature, flavors and icons for each of the gifting dates such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Lunar NY. On top of all visual and digital contents we develop the ideas for the 360 plan and POS designs.