La Baraque


key words: concept development – art direction – POS & digital contents

creative: Verena Smit

With our artist Verena Smit we seek to discuss the relationship between the ephemerality of feelings versus the durability of materials in several ways.
It all started with her artwork on this plastic supermarket bag and this phrase. Verena was realising that consumer goods have a longer life than our own relationships. Sooner or later, everything is rubbish, everything decay. Alongside this reflection, the use of plastic occurred as an urgent environmental issue to be discussed: common plastic and other residual waste take longer than 200 years to decompose in nature, a much longer
duration than our affections.

Taking this work as a starting point we developed several digital contents, POS executions, packaging and product that talk in a very ludic way about Wolford´s commitment to sustainability, specially by the long lastingness of its materials.
We need to have a look at the way we consume and relate to others. The impulse to buy and discard can’t be the same as in affective relationships.